Mission: To engage youth primarily, and the wider public generally, in philosophical enquiry in order to foster conceptual understanding, cultivate intellectual virtues, promote ethical sensibility, and enhance skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and clear communication.

What? – Engaging in philosophical enquiry is a structured dialogue that occurs within a community of interlocutors who are focused on investigating a concept, a question, and/or a problem, its implications and concrete applications.

How? – The dialogue is fostered by a trained facilitator and is focused on challenging participants to effectively communicate ideas by supplying reasoned explanations and logical connections.  It is an inherently collaborative enterprise, but it is also strongly individual; every participant deepens their understanding, improves their thinking, learns to appreciate the ideas of others, and expands their knowledge of the world and their place within it.

Why? – The purpose of engaging youth in philosophical enquiry is, primarily, to provide them with the tools for critically thinking about the content of the education they are receiving.  By fostering the capacity to think clearly, logically and creatively about difficult questions, we seek to transform them from passive recipients of information to active participants in enquiry. 

Benefits? – Engaging children in philosophical enquiry has been proven to improve the following sets of skills: 1) literacy, maths and verbal communication; 2) analytical, critical and creative thinking; 3) emotional and social development, and ethical sensibility; 4) intellectual virtues: humility, curiosity, creativity, assiduousness, open-mindedness, and many others.